Selasa, November 30, 2010

Great by 24

Pertama kali saya membaca buku ini ialah kira-kira empat tahun yang lalu. Lupakan kisah scam yang sering kedengaran di internet, mari kutip bait-bait baik yang terkandung dalam buku ini buat iktibar.

  • There is potential in everybody
  • Life is a journey of discoveries. The sooner we discover our talent and strength, the faster we can translate it into a success.
  • University life is not just about studying and exams.
  • Whenever you have and idea, seize it. If this idea keeps you awake at night excitedly, get to work quickly! It's bound to be a success. I always lie awake at night when an idea hits me. I will expand the idea in my mind and when I see it potential, my rocketing confidence will ensure that I see to its implementation the very next day. I've been generating ideas every day and working on them for the past 4 years, even during weekends.
  • My friends brand me a workaholic. To me, it's just an obsession. And obsession can be good. Montaigne, a Renaissance writer, once said that obsession is the wellspring of madness and genius.
  • Always dress excellently so you look rich and successful. You dont need designer suits to impress all. A well pressed shirt and coat plus a superbly shined pair of leather shoes will do the trick.
  • So how do we overcome lack of confidence at times? Compartmentalize is the answer. When you are out to meet clients, you leave your problems behind. The company could be facing a negative cash flow, but you still need to be in your coat and tie and your best confident look. Appointments are still on schedule, deals are waiting to be closed. You cannot let cash problems, operation issues and truckload of other problems cloud your mind.
  • Think of the big picture and move on. Store all the problems in one compartment somewhere inside you and dont let them out. Learn not to focus on them. Back in 1990s, Donald Trump had some financial problems and had no reason to go to one of his scheduled dinner functions. But he overcame the negative mindset and did go and was seated next to a banker. Things took a positive turn after that. Always compartmentalize problems and let confidence bring you through trying times.
  • Treat your organisation or company as the training ground or resource for compelling self development. At the same time, your employees will be players on your team, contributing to your growth and becoming a driving force for the company.
  • Get ISO certified.
  • What is your response time? When a client sends in a request for a quote, how long does it take you to respond?
  • Always have a core team.
  • R&D is one are that we often overlook.
  • I hear about the success of others worth admiring and I try to emulate them. I always listen to advice from the right person. I read.
  • First and foremost, constant reading is not a plus, but a must. You have to ready every day.

Itu sahaja buat masa ini. Bertemu dalam entri yang akan datang. Terima kasih.

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